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Tour of the Small ancient World

Starting from Menaggio, head towards Val Sanagra along the ancient railway which now serves as the local cycle path. Arriving at Croce, continue towards the Alpini chapel, where you can explore the trenches of the Cadorna Line dating back to the First World War, offering a suggestive panoramic view. Next, you will visit the Paullo chapel, before resuming the cycle path towards the characteristic village of Cardano. The route continues through Benelario, with a mandatory stop at the natural reserve of the Piano lake, before reaching Porlezza, where you will stop for a refreshing break and a tasty ice cream. Along the way, you will have the opportunity to admire numerous picturesque villages overlooking Lake Lugano, before facing the final descent that will take us back to Menaggio.

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Greenway and Villas on Lake Como

This tour will guide you through the scenic villages of Tremezzina, starting from Menaggio and reaching Colonno before returning. Along the way, we will walk on the delightful Greenway, partly following the historic Via Regina, and admire churches, villas, and gardens. The breathtaking view of Lake Como from above will be truly unforgettable. Throughout the trip welcomed many prominent personalities. The route, around 25 km in length, is generally easy, although some parts may be paved. It is recommended to have some cycling experience to join the tour.

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The Val Cavargna and its mountain pastures

An excursion designed for adventure and mountain lovers will take you through roads and paths to discover the Val di Malè, a wonderful valley above Lake Como. During the tour, you will have the opportunity to visit a mountain pasture to learn about the production process of cheeses and butter, as well as meet different animals and receive explanations about various native plant species. Arriving in Malè, a picturesquer mountain village, you can relax by its small lake while enjoying a delicious picnic with local delicacies and a glass of wine. Finally, we will return home via the paved road.

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OUR special TOUR

Panoramic e-bike ​tour with lunch in a ​typical farmhouse

This exciting E-bike adventure will take you to discover ​the evocative hidden villages of the valleys, far from ​conventional tourist routes. You can choose to start ​from Porlezza or Menaggio and you will pass through ​enchanting villages, a nature reserve and admire the ​three lakes from breathtaking panoramic points. The ​day will end with a delicious lunch in a characteristic ​farmhouse, where you can taste traditional local dishes ​chosen at the moment and discover their preparation ​method. This tour offers magnificent panoramic views of ​the three lakes from above and is suitable for everyone, ​including short sections on dirt roads.

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OUR special TOUR

Adventure Tour and

Wild lunch

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Meal with Cheeses, Apples, Coffee, and Wine in the Country

Our journey starts from Porlezza, crossing various small towns with panoramic views of Lake Ceresio. The route will be partly dirt and partly asphalted, but mainly on secondary roads, depending on your abilities. We will head towards Passo della Cava at 1150 meters, and then continue towards a secret mountain location at 1350 meters, characterized by a large pine forest and a ranch that hosts various animals during the summer. There, we will leave the bicycles and, after a short 5-minute walk, we will reach one of the most beautiful panoramic points in the area, with a breathtaking view of the surrounding lakes.

After getting back on the bikes for a short distance, we will arrive in front of a hut where we will find a large table on which we will prepare a wild lunch based on local specialties, such as typical cheeses, local cured meats, polenta, burrata, homemade tarts and a good glass of local wine. Once lunch is finished, we will have various options, more or less demanding, to return home.

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What do we do

We will take you on exciting bike tours between Lake Como and Lake Lugano, exploring the charming ancient world, admiring endless beauty, immersing ourselves in pristine nature, and delighting in high-quality culinary delights.

About us

BIKE&FUN Comolake is born from the vision of sharing our extraordinary territory in an authentic way, offering experiences that tell its beauty and allow you to fully appreciate it. We travel to secret, almost magical places that reveal breathtaking landscapes, offer unforgettable experiences, and enhance our culinary delights.

Exploring a territory, savoring it, and discovering it by 'pedaling', immersing oneself in its peculiarities, all this is possible from the saddle of a bicycle, following a network of routes specially designed to be traveled at one's own pace. One stops to savor culinary delights, taste wines, and breathe in the art, history, and culture that characterize this corner of Italy.

The territory

The Regina Road, which winds along the shores from Lake Como to Lake Ceresio, offers spectacular views considered among the most beautiful in the world, with historic villas and majestic mountains, connecting Como, Tremezzina, and Valsolda to the border with Switzerland.

This extraordinary region is characterized by numerous picturesque villages, each with a unique history and traditions. The narrow streets and stories intertwining with each other, perfect for exploring by bike, reveal magical and unique corners at every turn.

Churches, villas, and gardens embellish Lake Como, while mule tracks, refuges, mountain huts, and woods are the peculiarities of Lake Lugano.

Relax and well-being

Riding a bicycle slows down the world, almost comes to a stop... Thoughts vanish, worries dissolve. Watching the landscape calmly pass by under your eyes and wheels. The sun, the wind, even the rain become sources of pleasure; meeting new people, feeding on images. Without the need to plan, focusing on the journey, on discovery. The mind frees itself, rediscovering a lost balance, typical of childhood innocence. Like a child, laughing heartily, having fun with friends on a bike. This state of freedom extends for a simple ride or an entire adventure, providing relaxation and well-being in a welcoming land.

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In Menaggio, we collaborate with the rental of e-bikes and scooters at Canaja de Menas. Here you can find e-bikes for children, city e-bikes, and e-mountain bikes, complete with helmets and puncture-proof kits included in the rental service.

For rates and further information, we invite you to visit the website www.canajaebikes.it


In Porlezza, we collaborate with the Verywell e-bike rental service, which has a specialized workshop. You will find the best e-bikes there, all branded Merida. Their experienced mechanics are ready to meet all your needs. Helmets and puncture repair kits are included in the rental service.

For rates and further information, you can contact them at the number +393667108328

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The minimum number of participants for the tours is 1 person and the maximum is 8 people, for a larger number it will be necessary to participate in scheduled and customized tours.

You can ask for specific information about the available frame sizes, the handlebars, in order to verify how to organize the 'bike for you' and the related cost.

Accessories such as helmet, repair kit, harnesses are also available upon request with a rate to be agreed upon.


Certainly, you can join all our tours with your bicycles as long as they are suitable for the type of outing we will do. The guide will decide whether it will be possible or necessary to rent one.


If these or other needs will be useful for your customization of the package, we invite you to request more detailed information


If you bring your bike, it is necessary to bring a suitable inner tube in case of a flat tire, and in the case of technically challenging tours, it will be necessary to have a spare derailleur hanger, but it will be specified at the time of booking.


Number 1

Respect nature

If you love mountain biking, you also love nature and outdoor life. Therefore, respect the plants, flowers, and do not disturb the wild animals.

Take home any waste you produce such as inner tubes, food wrappers, and/or supplements.

A true biker also picks up the waste that others, less educated, have abandoned when necessary.

Number 2

Plan your outings

Learn to get to know the area where you are about to ride early, evaluate it based on your skills and driving abilities, and plan your outing accordingly.

Strive to be self-sufficient, check and maintain your equipment in good condition, always carry everything you need to independently handle weather changes or mechanical failures.

Don't forget to bring the right amount of water and food with you, and most importantly, check the battery of your cell phone and e-bike before leaving.

It is always a good idea to inform family or friends about the type of itinerary we will be following, giving an estimated return time.

Number 3

Stay on the trail

One of the functions of trails is to concentrate the impact of those passing through a forest or a sparsely anthropized area on a specific point, in order to reduce erosion and control its impact on the surrounding environment.

Hiking on trails is the most responsible and ethical way to practice mountain biking: do not cut the corners!

Number 4

Avoid trails in case of mud

Walking on a muddy trail means further damaging it by digging it up and creating channels that will be filled by the next rains, further worsening its conditions.

The result? Your favorite trail will be ruined and impassable for a long time, and many hours of work (often done by volunteers) will be needed to restore it... if there is someone to do it!

When these conditions are present, consider leaving when the ground is still frozen (in winter) or moving to another slope, perhaps with more draining terrain or better sun exposure.

Number 5

Do not alter the path

Do not carry out unauthorized work and do not damage existing structures such as steps, signage, etc.

If you encounter any issues such as landslides or fallen trees, report them to the relevant authorities or to the associations/groups that take care of maintaining the trails in the area so that they can intervene. You are also authorized to perform simple cleaning and removal actions of any branches or rocks that have accidentally fallen on the path, actions that are useful for both your safety and that of others.

Number 6

Respect others

Respect those who walk or ride on the trails and remember that you must always give them priority.

Let others get off before you get on and moderate your speed when traveling on crowded paths, out of respect for other users and also for greater safety, yours and others'. Do the same when using paths and roads that pass through groups of houses; respect those who live near the paths.

During the weekend, try planning outings in less crowded areas, especially where there are many families.

Use common sense and put yourself in others' shoes; do you like it when a car overtakes you at full speed, making your hair stand on end?

Number 7

Drive with caution

Adapt your speed according to the crowding, type, and conditions of the trail, as well as the presence of other users and your technical abilities, to avoid endangering yourself and others.

The speed and riding style that can be maintained in a bike park with trails dedicated to mountain bikes is not sustainable on shared trails.

Be aware of your limits, ride in a way that you always have control of the bicycle and wear appropriate safety and protection devices such as helmet, gloves, goggles, and knee pads.

Number 8

Give way correctly

Make sure that other trail users know you are about to pass them by giving a friendly greeting or using a bell. When visibility is poor, always assume there may be someone behind a curve or obstacle.

On shared paths, cyclists must give way to all non-motorized users. On two-way paths, cyclists descending must give way to those ascending.

Number 9

Overtake with respect

Ensure that every overtaking occurs in the safest and kindest way possible, whether you are overtaking another cyclist or a pedestrian.

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